Outcall Massage Apollo vs Outcall Massage from the Hotel Spa

Outcall Massage Apollo is one of the best choices when it comes to hiring a professional male massage therapist. Whether you are on vacation or business trip, staying in the beautiful hotel in Las Vegas or Orange County, you should always understand what is the best way to hire a professional outcall massage service. You definitely want the best massage experience as possible, specially when the time is limited.

I had experience working in many different well established Hotel Spas. That’s why I decided to put this information for your knowledge.

Why Outcall Massage Apollo is the best choice?

I will always put you on your convenient schedule and will come to your room when you are ready. Spa will put you on schedule depending on their availability.

Outcall Massage Apollo is available 24/7. Spa usually takes the latest appointment around 8pm.

Outcall Massage Apollo

There is no fee for canceling Outcall Massage Apollo unless if I am already in your room. Spa will charge your room as soon as you book them. If you want to cancel massage they usually will not give you your money back.

I am a young professional male massage therapist. Spa usually will send you older masseur and most likely it will be a female. You can not choose your massage therapist. They will send whoever is available.

Outcall Massage Apollo provides full 60, 90, or 120 minutes massage sessions. The length of the massage service from Spa will not be 60 min. Usually it’s about 50 or 80 minutes massage sessions.

I start massage session time as soon as I touch the body. Spa masseurs will start massage time as soon as they walked through your door.

Outcall Meaasge Apollo

Outcall Massage Apollo provides more than 10 different style of massage therapy for your convenience. Spa usually will give you no more than 5-6 different styles.

Outcall Massage Apollo provides an excellent Reflexology Massage in every massage session. Spa dose not have Reflexology Massage on their menu.

Price difference:

I don’t require nor expect tips for my Outcall Massage Apollo. Spa masseurs are always expecting a very good tips or in some hotels it’s a requirement and sometimes they include it in your Spa bill.

Outcall Massage Apollo has a fixed price for all massage styles. Spa prices for massage therapy will be different depends on the style of the massage session.

And one of the most important things: Outcall Massage Apollo prices are much less expensive compare to well established professional Spa facilities. Here is the example of The Venetian Hotel Spa in Las Vegas, take a look at this photo:

Outcall Massage Apollo vs Spa

I personally took this picture while working at The Venetian Hotel. The name of this Spa is Canyon Ranch Spa Club. And this is not the worst example. There are some Spa Facilities will charge much more, specially Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

You can always try Spa outcall massage services, just to understand that Apollo was 100% right. And if you want to schedule Outcall Massage Apollo feel free to Contact me 24/7.



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