Massage Prices

I have flat massage prices for all my massage services. Whichever massage style you want, or a combination of massage styles in one sesssion my massage prices conveniently stay the same.

Massage Prices:

1 hour Massage Apollo – $200

1.5 hour Massage Apollo – $300

2 hours Massage Apollo – $400

4 hands Massage Apollo 1 hour – $400

Couples Massage Apollo 1 hour – $400

Massage Prices

More about Massage Prices:

* I accept Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Zelle, Cash Wallet, Venmo, PayPal, Direct bank transfers. If you are paying with Credit or Debit Cards, there is 5% extra charge for bank transactions.

* If there is a payed  parking, you have to add parking fee to massage prices.

* I work entirely independent, so there is no agency or extra booking fee.

* You will never pay more than stated on my website. All my rates are flat and there is no upsell services or hidden fees.

* Massage Apollo prices are much less expensive compare to Spa facilities.

* There is no extra charge for late night booking appointments.

* There is no increase in Apollo massage prices on weekends or holidays.

* If you want to cancel your scheduled massage less than 24 hours before the session, the cancellation fee is $200 per massage therapist. By canceling massage session at least 24 hours before your massage time, there is no cancellation fee.

* If you want to finish massage session earlier, the price stays the same as if you would have the full session. I do not provide 30 or 45 minutes massage sessions.

* Tips are never required, but I always appreciate gratitudes. You are very welcome to leave a tip for my professional massage therapy services.

* My massage prices conveniently stay the same whether you want incall or outcall massage session. I work 24/7, so there is no difference in prices if it’s day or  night.

* If you want me to travel more than 50 miles away you have to add $1 per mile for transportation back and forth.

* I can also travel to other states and internationally. The massage prices while traveling will depend on the day and month of the year. Please contact me for more details if you want me to travel out of state.

Massage Prices