Massage for Women

Massage for women by Apollo is available 24/7. You can call, text or email if you want to schedule in advance. I can always provide massage for women on the last minute booking appointments. The best way to contact me if you want to schedule asap is call or text. I have years of experience massaging women.

There are lots of reasons why women are in need of a massage therapy. In many cases, emotional stress can pull hard on the physical body. And that’s where you feel you want massage so much. Other reasons for massage for women are hard working out, going through tough diet, damaged relationship, stress from work, travel, car accident, sport injury, divorce, etc.

Massage for Women

Very common, when husband or boyfriend wants to set massage session for his wife or girlfriend. Sometimes, I deliver my massage services as a surprise for a birthday girl, a bachelorette, or just because. Husbands and boyfriends are often asking me to teach them some massage techniques and pressure points, so they can massage their loved once when I am not around. Usually when I teach them how to massage proper, we end up massaging her together. Basically, performing 4 hands massage for women.

How I do Massage for Women:

Usually, the best massage for women technique is combination of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue massage, and Relaxing Massage. Some of my female clients prefer Lomi-Lomi Massage with Hot Stones Massage. Lots of spiritual and breathing techniques I use from Japanese Massage Therapy and Meditation Practices.

Massage for Women

Massaging in Las Vegas I always get tons of requests from females to do foot massage. The reason for feet and calves massage is being on high heels all day long. And at the end of the night Apollo is bringing these tired feet back to life. Reflexology massage for women is always one of the best ways to recover.

I also do massage for women who is preparing for fitness or bikini competitions in NPC or IFBB shows. For those competitors I have a special sports massage techniques where female athletes can burn more fat, loose more water, and get better muscle definition with faster recovery process. Even if your goal is to get in the best shape of your life, without any competitions, I apply the same massage style as if you would be preparing for the stage.

Massage for Women

I love to provide not just a physical massage therapy, but also having a strong spiritual connection and full mental relaxation. That’s why massage for women is always like a ritual, where massage for women is becoming a therapy for body, spirit, and soul.

I feel always happy if I can make somebody’s life better.

Contact me 24/7 to schedule massage for women by Apollo in Las Vegas or Orange County.

7 Replies to “Massage for Women”

  1. Hi,

    Do you do sensual massage for women? Would like to plan one for our future vegas trip for the wife.


  2. I want to surprise my boyfriend with me getting a massage from a male masseur. Just a sensual massage with him watching and maybe you giving him a lesson on where to massage for maximum excitement. Have you done these types of request before?

  3. I would like to surprise my wife of 42 yrs of marriage. Because of the virus we did not do anything fancy. I think a 90 minute all over massage would be good for her. We live in Lake Las Vegas. Are you available in the today or tomorrow around 5PM?

    1. Yes absolutely, I can be definitely available for your convenience. Please call or text me for immediate booking 702-551-5508. Thank you,


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