Massage Services

I have a wide range of massage services I can provide. You can choose a few massage services or massage styles and I will combine them in one massage session. Depends on your needs massage session can be very relaxing or target some extra pressure points and stretching.

Massage Services Apollo

Massage can be done on the professional massage table, on the floor mat, on the bed, on the massage chair. I always use expensive oils and lotions. Different styles of the massage music will make your session very relaxed and unforgettable.

Massage Apollo services  are available for all ages, all genders, and all races.

I provide massage services by appointment only. I can come to your hotel, private residence, house, office, pool, beach, or any spa and beauty salon facilities. You are always welcome to my private incall location either in Las Vegas or in Orange County, CA.

Massage Services in Las Vegas and Orange County:

Massage in Las Vegas for some reason is more of a relaxing type compare to Massage in Orange County. Usually, Massage in Orange County is correcting some health related, physical issues, according to endless costumers requests, specially form Beach Cities.

Massage Services Apollo

Massage for Women

Massage in Las Vegas for women is always planned ahead part of the trip while staying in Las Vegas. I usually get booked in advance, sometimes a few weeks before their arrival. Massage services for women in Orange County mostly last minute appointment. I guess it’s up to busy California’s lifestyle.

Massage for women is always very emotional therapy where body, spirit, and soul are becoming one. That’s why women get massage treatments more often compare to men. Click to READ MORE to learn about my massage for women.

Massage Services Apollo

Massage for Men

Massage services for men in Las Vegas and Orange County are mostly the same routine. I always use all my muscle power to apply as much pressure as I can. The purpose of my massage services for men is to restore and balance their physical and mental condition.

For athletes and sports competitors I have a very special  combination of my massage services. It’s a mix of Sports massage, Thai massage, Deep Tissue massage, and Reflexology. When it comes to Sports massage, it’s  absolutely the same style of massage for women and men. The pressure usually is very firm with lots of stretching and shaking. I have a special passion for Sports massage therapy in the list of my massage services due to my professional career in NPC muscle shows.

Massage Services Apollo

My incall and outcall massage services include:

Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Relaxing Massage
Japanese Massage
Trigger Point Massage
Acupressure Massage
Anti Cellulite Massage
Lomi-Lomi Massage
Thai Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Sports Massage
Reflexology Massage
Hot Stones Massage
4 Hands Massage
Couples Massage
Custom Massage

Massage Apollo Massage Services